We Are Open Co-op




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We Are Open Co-op creates tailored strategies, communities, and education for clients worldwide. We can start you on a path to opening up your organizational processes, building and working with communities at a global scale or implementing open practices for specific projects. We work to spread the culture, processes and benefits of open wherever we can.

We are nimble thinkers.

Our acrobatic thought processes are curious, bold, experimental. We improvise a lot, but are disciplined in that improvisation.

We are connected.

We play with the new and shiny tools, but we pick up the right tool for the job. We are so inclusive that we’re eclectic.

We are a collective.

Our solidarity gives us power. We believe in surplus, not profit and work as a collective, not as individuals.

We are professional.

We are constantly learning and take a considered approach to everything we do. We strive to illuminate along the way, giving our clients a competitive edge in the world of social good.

We are participants.

We invite collaboration and aim to be co-operative despite challenges that come up along the way. We share wildly to invite brilliant people to share their ideas and feedback on the work we’re doing.




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